Synchronizing Separate Axis Without Using Fixed Range

Published: 28 Jun 2019
Last Modified Date: 17 Sep 2020


How to synchronize an axis for a separate axis without using fixed range (in order to automatically adjust axis based on the change of data).


  • Tableau Desktop


The following instructions can be reproduced in the attached workbook synchronize axis.twbx using the Super Store sample data source. 
  1. Drag [Category] to Rows
  2. Drag [Profit] and [Sales] to Columns to create bar chart.
  3. Duplicate [Profit] and [Sales] in the Measure pane. 
  4. Drag [Sales(copy)] to the left of [Profit], and then drag [Profit(copy)] to the left of [Sales].
  5. Create a dual axis for [Sales(copy)]-[Profit] and another dual axis for [Profit(copy)]-[Sales]. For more information, see Add Axes for Multiple Measures in Views and Add a Dual Axis in Tableau Help. 
  6. Synchronize the two axis created above. For more information about this topic, see Synchronize axes to use the same scale in Tableau Help. 
  7. Change color of  [Sales(copy)] and [Profit(copy)] to fit the background. In our example, we have set the color to White. 
  8. Hide header of [Profit] and [Sales] by right-clicking a header and select "Show Header"
  9. Change axis titles (Sales(copy) to Profit / Profit(copy) to Sales) bu right-clicking each Header and selecting Edit Axis... 
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