Synchronize The Slider Label Of DATETRUNC Month Filter With Displayed Month To Axis

Published: 19 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 27 Oct 2022


When placing a continuous DATETRUNC field, such as year, month, to filter. The labels of the filter slider and the date displayed to the axis are not synchronized. How can I synchronize them?
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  • Tableau Desktop


Self-blend the data source with a relation ship of MY(Order Date). Here are the steps demonstrated in the attached workbook.
  1. Right click the Sample - Superstore data source and click Duplicate.
  2. Click Data > Edit Relationships.
  3. Confirm the primary data source is Sample - Superstore and select Custom.
  4. Remove all other relationships except MY(Order Date) then click OK.
  5. Open the Sample - Superstore (copy) data source and right click Order Date > Default Properties > Date Format.
  6. Select Custom and set yyyy/mm. 
  7. Open the Sample - Superstore data source and Place Order Date to columns and select MY(Order Date).
  8. Place Sales to rows.
  9. Open the Sample - Superstore (copy) data source and place Order Date to filter and right-click > Show Filter.
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