How to Subscribe to a View With a Quick Filter

Published: 17 Sep 2021
Last Modified Date: 17 Sep 2021


How to subscribe to a view with a Quick Filter?

A new subscription that was created by applying a value from the Quick Filters is not being processed as expected. The user is only receiving the Original View versus the view that had the Quick Filter applied. What is wrong?


  • Tableau Server 2020.4.7
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Oracle


You must save an existing dashboard's Original View as a Custom View after applying a Quick Filter in order to receive the subscription with the Quick Filter applied.

Once the Quick Filter is applied, the updated view needs to be saved as a Custom View and then users can subscribe to this Custom View with the Quick Filter applied.

Additional Information

Deleting a Custom View also deletes any subscriptions based on that Custom View.

For more information, see Use Custom View
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