Submitting a Case From the Partner Management Center

Published: 19 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 15 Aug 2018


How to submit a case from the Partner Management Center.


Step 1: Navigating to Case Creation
  1. Log into the Partner Resource Center  and select Partner Management Center
  2. In the Account Management section, select View & Manage Cases
  3. Above your list of existing cases, select Create New Case
  4. Enter the question you would like to ask our Support team, and click Continue. 
  5. A list of suggested resources will be presented to you. 
    If one of the suggested articles resolved your query, click Question Answered. If not, click Continue to Create Case...

Step 2: Filling out the Form
  1. For Type and Type Detail, select the type of issue you're experiencing, such as issues connecting to data, or analyzing views. 
  2. For Impact, describe the impact the issue is having on you. 
    • Capacity Reduced: Minor functionality of the software is unavailable. You have questions about functionality and understanding of how to use the product. Typical issues would be help with formulas, filters, actions, etc.
    • Work Slowed: Minor functionality of the software is unavailable. For example, non-severe performance issues or questions about the results of a calculation. 
    • Work severely impacted: Major functionality of the software is unavailable. Typical issues would be: unable to publish to Server, unable to connect to primary data source, severe performance issues, unable to synchronize Active Directory, Extract refresh failures, etc.
    • Inconvenience: A minor issue with functionality or implementation that you would like Tableau to be aware of, but is not blocking use of the software. 
    • Concern for deadline: Resolution of the issue is necessary to make a business deadline.
    • Feature or Enhancement Request: You would like to see specific functionality added to the product. 
      Note: The best way to suggest new functionality is to submit an idea through our Community:
      Community Ideas
    • Complete Work Stoppage: You are unable to use the software at all. For example, unable to active or install the software, or the software will not launch.
  3. Under Product Use Details, provide information about the environment where the issue is occurring, in which product, which version, which language, and which data sources and operating systems. This information helps Support choose which technician will be best suited to receive your case.
  4. Under Description, add as much information as you can, such as how many users are impacted by the issue, how the issue is reproduced, and any troubleshooting steps you have already attempted.

Additional Information

To view these steps in action, see the video below: 
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