Sorting Fields Using Pages Shelf

Published: 14 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 Apr 2023


How can I sort fields using the Pages shelf?
User-added image

User-added image


  • Tableau Desktop 2021.2 and newer
  • Windows
  • Excel


We will sort by each page without filters in the example below.

Please follow along with the attached packaged workbook which you can find to the right of these instructions under the "Attachments" section.

1. Create a calculated field with the following configuration:
Name: Rank
Value: RANK(SUM([Sales]))
2. Drag Sales to Columns, twice (the first for text, the second for the bar graph).
3. Drag Order Date to Pages.
4. Drag State/Province to Text and Details.
5. Drag Region to color.
6. Drag Rank to Rows, and right-click to change to Discrete.
7. Right-click Rank and select Edit Table Calculation.  Chose the selections listed below.
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User-added image
8. Go to the first Sales, and set the color opacity to 0% by using the Edit Colors option.  Lastly, as shown in the second screenshot below,  Click Label then alignment > horizontal to the left.
User-added imageUser-added image
9. If desired, drag the axis of Sales left and right to adjust the width of the axes.
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