Showing Summary and Detail Together

Published: 01 May 2017
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


How to show summary and detail information for the same measure on a single graph. For example, seeing total sales figures along with sales by customer segment. 


Tableau Desktop


Open a new workbook and connect to your data source. The below example uses Sample - Superstore data. 
  1. Drag Sales to Rows
  2. Drag Order Date to Columns.
  3. Place Segment on Color.
  4. Drag a second copy of Sales to Rows
  5. Click the second SUM(Sales) field on the Marks card. 
  6. Right-click Customer Segment and select Remove
  7. Right-click the second (right hand) copy of Sales on Rows and select Dual Axis
  8. Right-click the axis on the right side of the graph and select Synchronize Axis

Additional Information

To see these steps in action, watch the video below. 
Note: Video has no sound. 

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