Showing QoQ With Only One Quarter Selected

Published: 07 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 16 Jan 2019


How to create a view In Tableau Desktop that will display Quarter over Quarter (QoQ) values while having only one quarter in the view.


  • Tableau Desktop


Follow these steps:
  1. Create a Table Calculation with the following formula:
    LOOKUP(MIN(DATETRUNC('quarter', [Your Date Field])),0)

  2. (Optional - Formatting) This calculation uses Continuous Quarter. The default date format is 01/01/2014. To change that, for example for 2014 Q1, right click on the newly created field, select Default Properties > Date Format.

  3. Drag the new field to filter. Right click on the filter and select Compute Using > [Your Date Field]

The table calculation filter will filter the view to the desired quarter, without filtering the underlying data, enabling the comparison with the previous quarter.
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