Removing Tableau Public Site Navigation from Your Embedded Viz

Published: 20 Mar 2014
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2019


How to remove the Tableau Public site navigation from your view when embedding a viz.


Tableau Public


You can disable the home page for any Tableau Public view by adding a parameter to the view’s URL or to the embed code. Disabling the home page tells Tableau Public to show only the view, rather than the view plus the site navigation and metadata.

URL parameter

Add the following parameter to the end of the URL: &:showVizHome=no

For example, in a URL with placeholder text where your workbook and sheet names would appear:

Note: If the showVizHome parameter you add is the first parameter, use a question mark and colon (?:) instead of an ampersand. For example:

Custom embed code

In the code you use to embed the view into your web page or blog post, you’ll see a list of parameters and values with the following syntax:

<param name='name' value='value' />

To disable the viz home page, add the following parameter anywhere in that list:

<param name='show_viz_home' value='no' />

Additional Information

Note: The steps above are for use with the URL copied from the Share link, and will not work with other versions of the URL.

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