Show/hide Text Box Content Based On Calculation

Published: 16 Sep 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Show/Hide text box content based on calculation. Show text box only when the date is today


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a new worksheet called Blank
2. Create a calculated field blank with the formula : " " and drag it to rows
3. Create a place holder calculated field with formula : 1 
4. Drag place holder to Shape and assign a filled shape
User-added image 
5. Create a parameter with all date values
6. Create a calculated field called today filter with formula: [Parameter 3]!=TODAY() 
7. Drag this to Filters and select True
8. Click on Color in Marks Card and select the Opacity to 0%
8. Drag the "Blank" worksheet to the dashboard as a floating worksheet
9. Drag a floating Text object onto the dashboard
10. In the Edit Text dialog, enter the desired message and click OK
11. Position the floating Text object directly on top of the text or marks in the "Blank" worksheet
TIP: Use the Layout tab in left-land pane to set the exact X and Y position of floating objects
12. Right-click the floating Text object and select Floating Order > Send to Back

Additional Information

Note : In the attached workbook, update the parameter to have latest date values to verify the solution 

Today's date:

User-added image

Any other date:

User-added image
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