Changing the Size of tabcmd Export Output

Published: 25 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 20 Jul 2023


PDFs that are created when you run tabcmd export fill only 2/3 of the page. Is there a way to make them larger?


Tableau Server 


To specify the resolution of exported PDF content, append the following parameters to a tabadmin export command:

--width PAGEWIDTHInteger value that sets the width in pixels. Default: 800
--height PAGEHEIGHTInteger that sets the height in pixels. Default: 600

For example, to export a view as a PDF with a resolution of 1024 x 768, use the following command:

tabcmd export "[URL]/[view]" --pdf --width 1024 --height 768

Additional Information

To see the full list of tabcmd export command options, type the following at the command prompt:

tabcmd help export

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