Set a Selected Date Field to a Parameter in the Change Parameter Action

Published: 30 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 09 Dec 2022


How to set a selected date field to a parameter in the Change Parameter action.


  • Tableau Desktop


Below is an example using the Sample - Superstore data.

1. Drag Order Date to Columns.  At this time, the data type varies depending on the date field options you set.
 Please refer to Date Functions website for the data type of returned value.
 User-added image
2. Drag SUM(Sales) to Rows.
3. Create a parameter according to the data type option selected and name it Selected Date.
4. Right-click the Selected Date parameter and select Show Parameter.
5. Select Menu > Worksheet > Actions.
6. Click Add Action and select Change Parameter. Create a parameter action with the following:
 User-added image
7.Click on a value in the view and check that the parameter is changed.
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