ServiceNow sys_user Table

Published: 16 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2023


How to query the User (sys_user) table when using the ServiceNow connector


  • Tableau Desktop
  • ServiceNow


The User (sys_user) table is exposed as 'system_user' when using the ServiceNow connector. 

Additional Information

When using the Cdata JDBC driver for ServiceNow, the tables are exposed using the Internal Table Names by default, instead of the ServiceNow GUI Display Names.

If you prefer to use the ServiceNow GUI Display Names with the ServiceNow connector (for example, the sys_user table would appear as 'User' in the table list), customize the connection using a file that contains the following key-value pair:

For more information about the UseDisplayTableNames connection property, see UseDisplayTableNames.

For more information about customizing JDBC connections using a properties file, see:
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