Search and Select for a Specific Project or Dataset When Connecting to Google BigQuery in Tableau Prep

Published: 31 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 31 Aug 2022


How do I search for a project or dataset name when connecting to Google BigQuery in Tableau Prep?  
Tableau Prep:
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In Tableau Desktop, it is possible to input and search for the project or dataset name as shown below.
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  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Google BigQuery


The ability to search for a project or dataset name in Google BigQuery is not currently built into Tableau Prep.
Please consider using the below workaround to connect to a specific table.

1. From the Project drop-down list, select publicdata

2. From the Dataset drop-down list, select samples

3. Double-click Custom SQL located at the bottom left of the pane.
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4. An input step should be automatically added. In the Custom SQL dialog box, enter a query using the syntax below and then click Run.
SELECT * FROM `project-id.dataset_name.table_name`
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Note: The Custom SQL option will not be displayed until a dataset is selected.  The Custom SQL option can be displayed by selecting a random project and dataset. 
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