Rolling Back to an Earlier Version of Tableau Desktop

Published: 14 Feb 2014
Last Modified Date: 02 Nov 2017


How to roll back to an earlier version of Tableau Desktop.


Tableau Desktop


Download and install the desired maintenance release. For more information, see Downloading Previous Versions of Tableau and Upgrade Tableau Desktop.

Note: Workbooks and extracts that are saved in a later version of Desktop are upgraded and cannot be opened by any earlier versions. For example, a version 9.3 workbook is upgraded when saved in Tableau Desktop 10.0. The workbook can no longer be opened by Tableau Desktop 9.3. For more information, see Version Compatibility Between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

If problems occur after rolling back to an earlier version of Tableau Desktop, perform a clean installation of Tableau Desktop. For more information, see Completely Removing Tableau Desktop.

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