Right-Align Text Values In A Crosstab Created With Container Fields

Published: 11 Apr 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


  • Tableau Desktop


Change the mark type to Circle and use label alignment to move text. 

The attached example workbook uses the sample data set Superstore to demonstrate the following directions:
  1. Drag Order ID to the Rows shelf
  2. Double-click the Columns shelf to create an ad-hoc calculation and type in 0
  3. On the Marks card, select Circle in the dropdown menu
  4. Drag Sales to Label on the Marks card
  5. Click on Size on the Marks card and drag the slider all the way to the left
  6. Click on Color and set Opacity to 0%
  7. Click on Label, and do the following:
  • Check Allow labels to overlap other marks
  • In the Alignment dropdown under Horizontal, select Left

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