Restricting a Node to Only Run Flows

Published: 14 Jan 2019
Last Modified Date: 22 Mar 2019


How to restrict a node to only run flows.


  • Tableau Server 2019.1
  • Tableau Prep Conductor


Server admins can set aside a node to only run Prep Flows by using the options available via TSM cmd line. Node roles is a new feature that has been added in Tableau Server 2019.1. For more information, see Node Roles.

The following commands dedicate a node to only doing flow related operations.
  1. Get the nodeID for your dedicated node with the verbose option to see the list of services on each node:
    • tsm topology list-nodes -v
  2. Set the node role for for the dedicated node using the nodeID that you got from running the command described above: 
    • tsm topology set-node-role -n nodeID -r flows
    • tsm pending-changes apply
  3. Restart your Tableau Server.
  4. Review the processes and Server Status on each node to make sure the configuration is as you expected and all the processes are running.
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