Reporting on Activations and Registrations in the Tableau Customer Portal

Published: 28 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 01 Mar 2021


How to view information about all activations and user registrations for your company's Tableau product keys in the Tableau Customer Portal.

If a Tableau Online Site has been purchased, Tableau product keys may not be visible and LBLM activations can be viewed directly on the Tableau Online Site in the Admin View for Login-based License Usage.


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As a Portal Administrator, request an Activation Summary Report. 

Note: You must be a Tableau Portal Administrator to request the Activation Summary report. You may request the report a maximum of once per 24 hours. 

Requesting an Activation Summary Report

  1. Log into your Customer Portal account using your Tableau username and password 
  2. Navigate to Licenses
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  3. Click the Activation Summary Report option to expose the button "Request Activation Summary Report"
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A new Licensing case will be generated. You can view this case under Cases.
Once your Activation Summary Report is ready, you will receive an email notification that the report (“<Account> - Activation Summary Report - <YYYY-MM-DD>.csv”) has been attached to your case.
You can access the case by navigating to the Cases section of the Customer Portal and selecting My Licensing Cases within the drop-down menu.
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Interpreting an Activation Summary Report 

The activation summary report contains the following information:
  • Product Key: The 20 digit code used to activate the software. 
  • Name, Email and Company: The name, email and company from the User Registration form.
  • Version: The version of software in use per the most recent User Registration form.
  • Status: Whether each installation of the product key is Active (valid, current) or Obsolete (deactivated).
  • Last activity date: the last time a user registration was received.
  • Fulfillment ID: a unique ID used to distinguish each activation of a particular product key.
  • Portal Account Name: The Portal account where each product key resides.
You can filter the report on any of these fields.

Additional Information

By itself, the Activation Summary Report is not a "single source of truth" for Tableau license usage within your organization. If LBLM activation is in use, Tableau Server or Tableau Online will have an administrative view to review Desktop and Prep Builder client activation via the  Login-based License Usage report. 

Tableau recommends that Administrators use the Activation Summary Report as one component of their overall license management strategy if product keys are still in use.  It can be an especially effective tool to reconcile against your own internal records to ensure that internal controls and processes are working as intended. 

Null/blank entries appearing in the Name, Email, Company, and Version fields indicate instances where the Product Key was successfully activated on a user's computer, but Tableau has not since received a completed User Registration form.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, most often due to "offline" activations or other network connectivity restrictions.

If you have any questions or issues retrieving your Activation Summary Report, contact the Customer Success team.
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