Renaming Date Field Headers

Published: 12 Feb 2014
Last Modified Date: 12 Jan 2018


How to rename date field headers.


Tableau Desktop


Use the following workaround.
  1. In Tableau Desktop, select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
  2. In the Calculated Field dialog box that opens, enter a name for the field. In the example packaged workbook, the field is named Begin Date.
  3. In the formula field, create a calculated field similar to the following:
    STR( CASE MONTH([Order Date] ) 
    WHEN 1 THEN "January"
    WHEN 2 THEN "February" 
    WHEN 3 THEN "March" 
    WHEN 4 THEN "April" 
    WHEN 5 THEN "May" 
    WHEN 6 THEN "June" 
    WHEN 7 THEN "July" 
    WHEN 8 THEN "August" 
    WHEN 9 THEN "September" 
    WHEN 10 THEN "October" 
    WHEN 11 THEN "November" 
    ELSE "December" End)
    +" "+STR(DATEPART('day', [Order Date] ))+", "+STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date] ) )

    where [Order Date] is the date field being used in the sample workbook view. Click OK.
  4. Drag Order Date to Rows.
  5. Right-click Order Date on Rows, and then select More > Custom > Month / Day / Year. Click OK.
  6. Right-click Order Date again and clear the check mark next to Show Header.
  7. Drag Begin Date to Rows.

Additional Information

The procedure described in the Renaming Measures in the View Knowledge Base article lets you change headers for other measures in the view, but not for dates.

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