Removing "Abc" Placeholder Text

Published: 14 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 12 Jun 2018


How to remove the "Abc" placeholder text from a crosstab view. 


Tableau Desktop


Both of these options are demonstrated in the attached workbook

Option 1: Use Polygon mark type

  1. On the Marks card in the dropdown menu, select Polygon
  2. Resize the last column to make it smaller
  3. Navigate to Format > Borders
  4. In the left-hand Format Border Pane, for Column Divider, For Pane, select None from the dropdown menu
  5. Navigate to Format > Shading
  6. In the left-hand Format Border Shading, for Row Banding, move the slider to the desired level of row banding

Option 2: Place the last dimension on Text

  1. Drag a second copy of the last dimension on the Rows shelf to Text on the Marks card
  2. Right-click on the last dimension on the Rows shelf and uncheck Show Header


Additional Information

By default, Tableau  uses "Abc" placeholder text for any values that could potentially be displayed. In cases where you are using only dimensions or discrete values, Tableau leaves the empty column with the "Abc" placeholder text.
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