Reducing the Size of Packaged Workbooks

Published: 06 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2019


How to reduce the size of packaged workbooks.


Tableau Desktop


The following steps can aid in reducing packaged workbook size: 
  • Keep the number of worksheets and dashboards to a minimum. 
  • Reduce the complexity of individual worksheets.
  • Remove geographic roles from fields which are not used for mapping.
  • Optimize and index your database prior to extracting data. 
  • Filter the extract to only the data required for displaying your visualizations. 
  • Aggregate data to visible dimensions. 
  • Hide unused fields. 


Additional Information

Packaged workbooks are comprised of several components, all of which can increase the final file size: 
  • The workbook (.twb), which is an XML file that tells Tableau Desktop how many views are in the workbook and how each view is constructed.
  • The data extract or data file (if working with Excel, text, CSV, etc.).
  • Geographic data and Custom Geocoding.
  • Image files from Custom Shapes or images added to a dashboard.

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