Recommended Attachments for Tableau Support Cases

Published: 16 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 14 Aug 2020


What kind of files should you attach to your Support case?


Attaching the right files helps Technical Support handle your case more efficiently and get you to the right solution.

For all types of cases, screenshots demonstrating the issue are welcome and helpful. Screenshots are especially useful to capture any error messages you are receiving.

The chart below lists recommended attachments based on specific case categories.
ProductCategoryRecommended Attachment
Tableau PrepInstallation, UpgradesInstallation Logs
Tableau PrepStabilityLogs, DMP file
Tableau PrepConnecting to DataLogs
Tableau PrepUser InterfaceLogs
Tableau PrepPerformanceLogs
Tableau Reader
Installation, UpgradesInstallation Logs
Tableau ReaderPerformancePerformance Recording, Logs
Tableau ReaderPrinting, ExportingPackaged Workbook
Tableau ReaderStabilityLogs, DMP file
Tableau ReaderUser InterfacePackaged Workbook
Tableau ReaderVisualizationsPackaged Workbook
Tableau Public DesktopInstallation, UpgradesInstallation Logs
Tableau Public DesktopPerformancePerformance Recording, Logs
Tableau Public DesktopPrinting, ExportingPackaged Workbook
Tableau Public DesktopStabilityLogs, DMP file
Tableau Public DesktopUser InterfacePackaged Workbook
Tableau Public DesktopVisualizationsPackaged Workbook
Tableau DesktopInstallation, UpgradesInstallation Logs
Tableau DesktopPerformancePerformance Recording, Logs
Tableau DesktopPrinting, ExportingPackaged Workbook
Tableau DesktopStabilityLogs, DMP file
Tableau DesktopUser InterfacePackaged Workbook
Tableau DesktopVisualizationsPackaged Workbook
Tableau ServerAuthenticationLogs
Tableau ServerData ConnectivityLogs
Tableau ServerInstallations, Upgrades, Backups, RestoresInstallation Logs
Tableau ServerPerformancePerformance Recording, Logs
Tableau ServerStabilityLogs, DMP file
Tableau ServerView RenderingPackaged Workbook
Tableau OnlineView RenderingPackaged Workbook

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