Receiving The Email Notification "Warning: Extract refresh capacity at 90%" Even Though The Actual Total Run Time Of Extract Refreshes Looks Less Than 90%

Published: 08 Feb 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Why Site admins receive the email notification "Warning: Extract refresh capacity at 90%" even though it looks that there is still time remaining in the daily refresh capacity for more jobs?

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  • Tableau Cloud


Please confirm the capacity allowance and the [Time Zone for Scheduled Tasks] of the site, then plan extract refreshes. For more information see Daily jobs capacity.
  • The Daily jobs capacity is up to 8 backgrounder hours per Creator license.
  • The Daily jobs capacity resets each day at 24:00:00 UTC (coordinated universal time). It counts the total run time of extract refresh jobs that had been requested to run (Job Requested Time) within that 24 hours.
For example, if the time zone has been set to Japan Standard Time (JST), the capacity of the Daily job will be counted from 9 AM to 9 AM the next day, and reset each day at 09:00:00 JST.
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It is a known issue, fixed and deployed more information on the Quip in internal links(internal

Additional Information

Tableau Cloud checks if there is an available capacity left before running a requested extract refresh job by the total of Run Time.
So after jobs run, it’s possible that the actual total run time slightly exceeds the capacity allowed. 
Tableau Cloud does not cancel jobs mid-way or check for the available time left while the jobs are running.
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