Publishing an Extract to Tableau Online

Published: 03 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2020


How to publish an extract data source to Tableau Online rather than publishing with a live data source connection.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • PostgreSQL


  1. Open Tableau Desktop with the Data Source Extract connection. 
    • Note: If you are not already logged into Tableau Online, also log into Tableau Online.
  2. Click on a Sheet tab in Tableau Desktop.
  3. Verify that the data source is an extract by checking for the two-cylinder icon next to the data source name.
  4. Click Data in the top menu bar at the Sheet level.
  5. Hover over the name of the data source extract in the Data menu and select Publish to Server.
  6. In the Publish Data Source to Tableau Online dialog box, select the desired options and select Publish.

Additional Information

When publishing a data source from the Data Source page in Tableau Desktop, the live data source connection will be published. To publish the extract, publish from the Sheet level in Tableau Desktop.

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