Pass a Source Sheet Name to Destination Dashboard When Using Go to Sheet Action

Published: 01 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 09 Dec 2022


How can I pass a source sheet name to a destination dashboard when using the Go to Sheet action?



  • Tableau Desktop


Below is an example using the Sample - Superstore data and reflected in the attached example twbx.  The steps below will pass the worksheet "Line", from dashboard A to dashboard B.

1. Create a calculated field to retain the source worksheet name and call it Sheet Name with the following:
2. Create a parameter as follows:
 User-added image
3. Create a calculated field and name it Source Sheet Name with the following:
[Come From]
4. Add a new worksheet and name it Source Sheet.
5. Add the calculated field, Source Sheet Name to Text.
6. Open Dashboard B and add Source Sheet to the view.
7. Open the Line worksheet and add Sheet Name to Detail.
8. Open Dashboard A and select Menu > Dashboard > Actions.
9. Click Add Action > Change Parameter and edit as follows:
 User-added image
10.Click Add Action > Go to Sheet and edit as follows:
 User-added image
11.Click on a value in the Line view and check that you go to Dashboard B and the Source Sheet value is changed.
12.If you clear the selection on Dashboard A, the Source Sheet value will be cleared on Dashboard B.
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