Output only the newest date data in Tableau Prep

Published: 20 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 21 Dec 2022


How to create output using only the most recent date in the data set using Tableau Prep.

Example: If 2022/12/12 is the most recent date in the data set.
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  • Tableau Prep Builder


Perform the following steps as demonstrated in the attached packaged flow.

1. Connect to the attached data source 'test.xlsx'.
2. Click on the '+' button and add Clean Step.
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3. Create a new calculated field with the following:
     Name : MAX_Date
     Calculation : {FIXED:MAX([Date])}
4. Click on Filter Values.
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5. Enter the following calculation and save:
     Calculation : [MAX_Date] = [Date]
6. Click on the '+' button and add Output Step.
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7. Set the output options as desired to create the output.
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