Moving Horizontal Bar Chart Headers from Bottom to Top

Published: 17 Nov 2014
Last Modified Date: 16 Feb 2022


How to move the headers and the axis for a horizontal bar chart from the bottom of the chart to the top of the chart.


  • Tableau Desktop


Tableau Desktop places column headers below charts by default. The following procedure steps you through an example of how to use the dual axis feature to display headers on the top of the chart instead.
  1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample - Superstore.
  2. Drag Order Priority to Rows.
  3. Drag Region and Sales to Columns.
  4. Drag a second copy of Sales to Columns.
  5. On Columns, right-click the second copy of Sales, and then select Dual Axis.
  6. Right-click the top axis and then select Edit Axis.
  7. Click the Tick Marks tab, select None for both Major tick marks and Minor tick marks, and then click OK.
  8. Right-click the bottom axis and then select Edit Axis.
  9. Under Titles, clear the Title text box, and then click OK.
  10. On Marks, click All, and then in the drop-down list, select the Bar mark type.
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