Moving All Tableau Bridge or Sync Client Refreshes from One Computer to Another

Published: 02 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to move all Tableau Cloud Sync Client refreshes from one computer to another.


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Cloud Sync Client/ Tableau Bridge


Before you start, on the computer where Bridge is currently running, open Bridge and make note of all of the data sources currently listed. Having this list handy will make the next steps faster.

1. On the computer where the Bridge is currently running, change the client mode to ‘Application’
2. Click the gear icon and choose Unlink.
  • Performing this will remove all data sources from the sync client on the machine, and will exit. 
3. On the computer where you want to run the Bridge from now on, open Bridge and sign in with the same Tableau Cloud credentials that you have been using on the current installation of Bridge
4. From a browser, log into Tableau Cloud with the same credentials used in step 3.
5. Navigate to Explore > All data sources
  • Click on the name of the first data source on your list.
  • This will open the data source details page.
6. Click Action (...) button > Click ‘Schedule with Bridge(legacy)
7. Click the drop-down menu under ‘Select a local computer’ and choose the computer name for the computer where you want the Bridge to run from now on. Then click ‘Create’.
8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for all remaining data sources.
9. On the machine where new Bridge is installed, open Bridge.
You should now see all scheduled refreshes listed.
  • NOTE: It may take a few seconds for the data source to appear.
10.For each data source, click on the name of the data source and enter the data source credentials.
  • Note:This step is required before refreshes will run, because the data source credentials are stored locally on the computer running Bridge, and are not transmitted between computers when you switch the computer name.
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