Looping Multiple Dashboards on a TV Using Chrome

Published: 17 May 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to loop multiple dashboards on a TV from a Chrome browser. 


  • Tableau Server (Core based license)
  • Chrome


Option 1

Use a browser plugin, such as Chrome Revolver, to display multiple dashboards. For example:
  1. Open each dashboard as a new tab in a Chrome browser. 
  2. Download the Revolver plugin for Chrome.
  3. Enable Revolver, set the timing as desired. 
Note: Tableau Support is unable to assist with troubleshooting for Chrome Revolver or similar browser plugins.

Option 2

JavaScript API may help to accomplish the desired result. For more information, see Tableau JavaScript API in the Online Help. 

Additional Information

In order to display dashboards on a TV, ensure that you are using Tableau Server with Core-based licensing. This solution is not compatible with user-based licensing or Tableau Online. For more information, see Tableau EULA and Tableau Online Subscription Agreement

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