Linking to Web Resources from a Dashboard

Published: 14 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


How to link to external web resources from a dashboard.


Tableau Desktop


To edit a URL action or add one for the first time, you will have to edit the worksheet that is on view in the dashboard.
  1. Click the Worksheet tab and in the drop-down menu, select Actions
  2. In the Actions dialog box, click the name of the URL action that needs to be modified, and then click the Edit button. In the URL textbox, type the URL of the desired resource.
    • Alternatively, if you are adding a URL for the first time: In the Actions dialog box, click the Add Action button. In the Add URL Action dialog box, type or paste the desired URL into the URL text field.
  3. Click OK.

 To view an example, see the URL action used to open web links in the below video: 


Additional Information

A URL action is a hyperlink that points to a web page or other web-based resource outside of Tableau.

For security reasons, Tableau requires you to link to a file hosted by a web server. A best practice is to use the https:// protocol with URL actions. If you use http:// in the URL action, and the server on which you publish the dashboard runs through https://, browsers will not be able to display the http:// page that the URL action points to.

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