How to Use Python Scripts with Tableau Prep on Local Machine Without Tableau Server

Published: 25 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 27 May 2021


How to embed Python script in Tableau Prep Builder and run it on a local machine without using Tableau Server (without configuring TabPy server on Tableau Server).


  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Python


1. Download and install Python.
2. Download and install the Tableau Python server (TabPy).
  • python -m pip install --upgrade pip
  • pip install tabpy
3. Install Pandas. Run "pip3 install pandas". You must use a pandas data frame in your scripts to integrate with Tableau Prep Builder

Configure a connection:
After the preparation, to include Python scripts in your flow, you need to configure a connection between Tableau and a TabPy server
1. Start the TabPy server with the default setting by running the command below from command prompt.
  • tabpy
2. Open Tableau Prep, Select Help > Settings and Performance > Manage Analytics Extension Connection.
3. In the Select an Analytics Extension drop-down list, select Tableau Python (TabPy) Server. 
4. Input the Server and the Port number like the below image. (Port 9004 is the default port for TabPy)
User-added image
5. Test out the connection.

Add a script to your flow:
Follow the steps in Online help to add Python script in the flow.
Use Python scripts in your flow --  Add a script to your flow
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