How To Use a URL Parameter With Spaces in tabcmd get

Published: 21 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 16 Jan 2019


When passing a Dimension or Parameter in the URL (such as when filtering the view by specifying a Dimension or Parameter in the URL), how to specify a parameter which contains spaces when retrieving the filtered view using tabcmd get.


Tableau Server


Encode the space in the URL parameter using %20 (standard HTML character code for a space).

For example, encoded version:
tabcmd get "/views/WorkbookName/ViewName.png?ParameterName=Parameter%20Value&:refresh=y" -f "Output Name.pdf"
Instead of:
tabcmd get "/views/WorkbookName/ViewName.png?ParameterName=Parameter Value&:refresh=y" -f "Output Name.pdf"
Note: If using the command in a batch file, it may be necessary to add an additional % character (%%20)

Additional Information

Other special characters (such as a period) should also be encoded using standard HTML character code.

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