How to Update a Worksheet After Changes Have Been Made to a Google Sheet

Published: 15 Oct 2018
Last Modified Date: 20 Jan 2019


How to update a worksheet connected to a Google Sheet after the Google Sheet has been altered.


  • Tableau Desktop 2018.2.2


Tableau Desktop interacts with Google Sheets as a flat file (in terms of how it handles accesses the data). Tableau Desktop creates a shadow extract when the connection is first made, or when the workbook is opened. All queries are run against this extract, and any changes made in the Google Sheet while Tableau Desktop is open will not be reflected in the workbook. The data source connection must be manually refreshed or the workbook must be closed and opened again in order to show changes. 

Follow these steps to manually refresh the data source:
  1. Open Tableau Desktop
  2. Open the workbook that is attached to the Data Source to be refreshed
  3. Open the Data menu from the top toolbar
  4. Hover over the name of the data source at the bottom of the menu.
  5. In the new context menu that opens, select Refresh

There is also a hotkey for data refresh, “F5”, however the F5 button is context sensitive, and the above steps ensure the correct data source is refreshed.

The data source itself can also be right clicked in the Data Pane and Refresh can be selected from there. 

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