How To Trace The Creator Product Keys Usage When Licensing Tableau Desktop On A Shared Machine

Published: 20 Jul 2020
Last Modified Date: 20 Jul 2020


How to trace the Creator product keys of Tableau Desktop & Tableau Prep Builder, when Licensing on a Shared Machine.
When Tableau Desktop is installed on a shared PC, the desktop_reporting data for multiple users are overwritten on administrative view on Tableau Server. Is there a way avoid this?


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


Option 1:
Create a Custom Administrative View that shows the desired historical records by pulling the desired data from the "desktop_reporting" table of the Tableau Server repository. See Create Custom Administrative Views.

Option 2:
Use Login-based License Usage Report. See Login-based License Management and Login-based License Usage.
Please note that Tableau Server must have continuous internet access (offline or air-gapped environments cannot use Login-based License Management).

Additional Information

  • If Tableau Desktop is installed on a shared single machine, Tableau Desktop Reporting cannot track and manage the license for every individual user account, the license usage information sent by Tableau Desktop instance would be overwritten with the last reported user account.
  • Tableau Server gathers Tableau Desktop reporting interval from individual instances of Tableau Desktop into the "desktop_reporting" table of the Tableau Server repository ("workgroup" PostgreSQL database). Since each Tableau Desktop Reporting record is uniquely identified by product keys and machine information, the "desktop_reporting" table will only record/update the last report for the single machine, not all of the historical records over time.
  • Please note that a single Creator license covers one Authorized User. Each Authorized User must have a valid Creator Product Key in order to use Tableau Desktop & Tableau Prep Builder, even all users are sharing a single machine.
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