How to Switch Dynamic Zone Visibility Using Multiple Parameters

Published: 09 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 13 Feb 2023


How to switch Dynamic Zone Visibility using multiple parameters?


  • Tableau Desktop 2022.3 or later


The Dynamic Zone Visibility is a new feature added in Tableau Desktop 2022.3.

Below is an example for switching the four views with two parameters using Sample - Superstore data.
User-added image

1. Create the views you would like to switch between. In the attached sample workbook, the following four views are created.
(1). Bar - Sales
(2). Bar - Quantity
(3). Line - Sales
(4). Line - Quantity
2. Create boolean parameters as follows;
 User-added image
 User-added image
3. Create a calculated field and name it T/F for Bar - Sales.
[Graph Type]=TRUE AND [Value]=TRUE
4. Create a calculated field and name it T/F for Bar - Quantity.
[Graph Type]=TRUE AND [Value]=FALSE
5. Create a calculated field and name it T/F for Line - Sales.
[Graph Type]=FALSE AND [Value]=TRUE
6. Create a calculated field and name it T/F for Line - Quantity.
[Graph Type]=FALSE AND [Value]=FALSE
7. Add a new dashboard.
8. Drop a Vertical object onto the dashboard.
9. Drop every view in the Vertical object.
10. Select Menu > Analysis > Parameters > Graph Type and Value.
11. Open the Layout tab from the left side pane.
12. From your dashboard, click Bar - Sales view and check the box for Control visibility using value.
13. From the dropdown, select Sample - Superstore > T/F for Bar - Sales.
14. Repeat step 12 and 13 for all other views. Select an appropriate calculated field for each view.
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