How to sort dimension values within a filter in descending order​

Published: 16 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 Aug 2023


How to sort dimension values within a filter in descending order​?


  • Tableau Desktop


There are two different types of dimensions that need to be sorted in different ways.  Please see the sample packaged workbook in the Attachments section to the right of this text to follow along.

1. String type dimension

a) In the data panel, right-click on the string field that you need to sort in a filter
b) Choose Default Properties --> Sort.
c) In the pop-up window, set Sort Order to Descending and close the window.
d) Place the String field on the Filters card

2. Date type dimension

a) Place the date field on the Filters card with the Month / Year format
b) Right-click on the date field in the Data panel and select Create Set
c) In the Set window, type a name for the set (e.g., Month Year)
d) On the General tab select Use all and click OK
e) Right-click on the Set -->Default Properties --->Sort
f) Select Descending as the Sort order
g) Place the Set on the Filters card
h) Right-click on the Set on filter and select Show Members in set
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