How to Show Continuous Number in Axis When There Are No Records(Null) for These Numbers

Published: 03 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 11 Nov 2021


How to show continuous numbers in the Axis when there are no records(NULL) for these numbers.

For example, the below x-axis misses some value between 1~14. How to show all the numbers between 1~14.

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  • Tableau Desktop


There are two workarounds for it.

Option 1:
Use the [Analysis] > [Table Layout] > [Show Empty Columns] function.
If there are any numbers that are not displayed in Solution 1, please refer to Option 2.

Option 2:
Create a bin field for the field in axis and add it to the view as an axis 
When creating the bin field, you can set the bin size to "1" to create a bin separated by one unit.

Please check the attached workbook and video for details.

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