How To Set Go To Sheet Action Based On Filter Value

Published: 01 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to set go to sheet action based on filter value of segment?
e.g. When selecting filter value of "Consumer", click Sub-Category circle in Dashboard_Start will go to worksheet "Consumer" while filtering the value of selected Sub-Category.


  • Tableau Desktop


  1. Right click data field Segment, select Create > Set
  2. Set the set name to Segment Set, click OK
  3. Add Segment Set to Filters, notice set card Segment Set is shown automatically on the right side.
  4. Right click the set card, select Customize, click Show "All" Values to uncheck the option.
  5. Right click the set card again, Select Single Value (list)
  6. Create the calculation field Filter segment
    {fixed :max(if [Set 1] then [Segment] end)}
  7. Create the following 3 calculation fields Sheet Selector_Consumer, Sheet Selector_Corporate, Sheet Selector_Home Office
    [Filter segment]='Consumer'
    [Filter segment]='Corporate'
    [Filter segment]='Home Office'
  8. Change the value of Segment Set to 'Consumer', go to worksheet Consumer
  9. Add Sheet Selector_Consumer to the filters, select "True"
  10. Repeat step 9 for worksheets Corporate and Home Office as well
  11. Create parameter Subcategory Parameter
    • Data type: String
    • Allowable values: List
    • Add values from > Sub-Category
  12. Create calculation field Filter subcategory 
    [Subcategory Parameter]=[Sub-Category]
  13. Add Filter subcategory to worksheets Consumer, Corporate and Home Office, select "True"
  14. Create a new dashboard Dashboard_Segment
  15. Add worksheets Consumer, Corporate and Home Office to the dashboard
  16. Click the triangle mark of different worksheets to hide all titles. *Keep one title of the dashboard if needed.
  17. Go to Dashboard_Start
  18. From the menu bar, select Dashboard > ActionsAdd Action > Change Parameter
    • Target Parameter: Subcategory Parameter
    • Field Sub-Category
  19. From the menu bar, select Dashboard > ActionsAdd Action > Go To Sheet
    • Target Sheet: Dashboard_Segment
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