How to Set a Dynamic Data Range When Using [Extend Date Range] Function in Tableau Desktop

Published: 16 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 Aug 2023


How to set a dynamic extended date range like next month or next year in Tableau Desktop?
For now, it could only set a fixed extended date range as 6 Months, 1 Year, etc.
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Tableau Desktop could only set a fixed extended date range for now.
Please consider using a reference line to show the dynamic date range as a workaround.

The steps are as follows
1. Create a Parameter like the below image to control the reference line.
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2. Create a calculation like below to calculate the dynamic extended date range.
CASE [Extend Date]
WHEN "Next Month End" THEN 
WHEN "This Year End" THEN
WHEN "Next Year End" THEN

3. Add the calculation to [Details].

4. Right-click the Date axis and click [Add Reference Line].

5. Add the calculation created in step 2 in the reference line.
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This reference line could have a dynamic value based on the value in the parameter.
Please also check the attached workbook for details.

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