How to Send Alert When a Flow File Execution Error Occurs With Command Line

Published: 16 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 17 Feb 2022


  • Tableau Prep Builder


The ability to send an alert when a flow file execution error occurs with the Command line is currently not built into the Tableau Prep product.

Possible Workaround:

With Tableau Prep Conductor, which is part of the Tableau Data Management add-on for Tableau Server and Tableau Online, you can run flows on the server and receive email notifications when flows fail. It is possible to run the flow on the server and receive an email notification when the flow fails. Consider this as an alternative.

NOTE: You will need a Data Management add-on license.

Refer to the following online help documentation for an explanation of email notifications. Monitor Flow Health and Performance -- Get email notifications when a flow fails

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