How to Select a Particular Field and Highlight the Bin it Belongs to

Published: 21 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 22 Feb 2023


How to select a particular field and highlight the bin it belongs to?



  • Tableau Desktop


Create a highlight action and select the bin field as a Target Highlighting field.
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Below is an example of selecting Customer Name and highlighting the histogram bin using Sample - Superstore data.

1. Right-click Sales field and select Create > Bins.
2. Add Sales (bin) to Columns.
3. Add Customer Name to Rows.
4. Right-click Customer Name and select  Measure > Count (Distinct).
5. Add a New Worksheet.
6. Add Customer Name to Rows.
7. Add Sales (bin) to Rows.
8. Right-click Sales (bin) and select Show Header.
9. Add a New Dashboard.
10. Add two sheets to the dashboard.
11. From the Menu, select Dashboard > Actions > Highlight.
12. Configure the highlight action as follows.
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