How to Round Up Numbers At Decimal Points in Tableau Desktop

Published: 04 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 05 Feb 2022


How can I display the numbers rounded up after a certain decimal point?
When the result of multiplication results in a decimal point, how to display it by truncating.

$3456.15  → 3457  OR  $3456.15  → 3456.2
$3456.87  → 3457  OR  $3456.87  → 3456.9


  • Tableau Desktop


Create the following calculations to round up the numbers after a certain decimal point in Tableau Desktop.

Without Parameter (Not able to specify the decimal point):
  • Round up to the whole number: CEILING(SUM([Quantity])) 
  • Round up with decimal point: CEILING(SUM([Quantity (copy)])*10)/10
With Parameter (Able to specify the decimal point):
  • CEILING(SUM([Quantity])*[Number])/*[Number]
  • The parameter setting is as follows:
  • User-added image

The results are as follows, please check the attached workbook for details:

User-added image
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