How to replace the datasource published from Tableau Desktop with that of Tableau Prep Builder or Prep Conductor.

Published: 19 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 21 Nov 2022


The datasource published from Tableau Desktop is .tdsx because the datasource was connected from Tableau Desktop directory and views are created by using it.
After publishing the workbook and datasource separately, how could the published datasource be changed to the new one which is published from Tableau Prep Builder or Prep Conductor (Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud).


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Prep Builder


Option 1

By using Tableau Desktop, change the data source location using the downloaded .tdsx file then publish it with the procedures below:

    1. Download the published data source from Tableau Cloud (.tdsx file will be downloaded).
    2. Open the data source downloaded in the above 1.
    3. Select the "Data Source" tab.
    4. Select the down triangle icon of the datasource name, then select "Edit Connection."
    5. The explorer window will show up. Select the new hyper file. Then click "Open" in the window.
    6. Select "Sheet1" tab or other tab except for the "Data Source" tab.
    7. Select "Server" - "Publish Data Source" - "<Data source name>"
    8. In "Publish Datasource to Tableau Cloud" window, select the destination Project and input Name. Then publish the data source to replace the existing published data source.
    9. Open the affected view and confirm that the sort order has not changed and there's no duplicate fields.

Option 2

By using Tableau Desktop, replace the datasource with the procedures below:

    1. Download the published workbook from Tableau Cloud or locates the workbook in your PC.
    2. Open it downloaded in the above 1.
    3. Select "Data" - "New Datasource".
    4. Select "Tableau Server" in the connector dialog.
    5. Type the published datasource name in "Search for data" text box in "Search for Data" dialog.
    6. Select the datasource listed in the search result pain and select "Connect".
    7. Confirm that the new datasource is added in the "Data" pain in any sheet tab. 
    8. Make sure that the "Field Name" of the original datasource matches the Field Name of the datasource connected in the above 6.
    9. In order to replace the datasource including calculated fields, select "Data" - "Replace Datasource". 
    10. In "Replace Data Source" dialog box, confirm "Current" dropdown list shows original datasource and "Replacement" dropdown list shows the datasource connected in the above 6, then select "OK".
    11. Confirm the datasource is replaced and see if there's any error in the sheet. If there's any error confirm it and manually fix the error one by one. If there's no error, save the workbook and publish to Tableau Cloud.

Option 3

Publish the datasource first before you edit the default properties, creating calculated fields, adding groups and so on and make sure that the workbook uses the published datasource.
When publishing the datasource if you check "Update workbook to use the published data source" in "Publish Data Source to Tableau Online" dialog box, you can publish and use the datasource at the same time:
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Additional Information

Changes made in the datasource on Tableau Desktop before publishing, such as changing the default properties, calculated fields or groups added will be saved as .tdsx format. 

Since the datasource published from Prep Builder or Prep Conductor doesn't contain these information but just a hyper file, overwriting the datasource published from Tableau Desktop with that generated by Prep Builder or Prep Conductor may cause error(s) when opening the view which use the datasource.

The ability to save the changes made in the data source in Tableau Prep Builder is not currently built in the product. 
To voice your support for the inclusion of this enhancement in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community:
Tableau Prep TDS creation improvements
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