How To Preserve the URL Parameters When Opening a View in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud

Published: 19 May 2023
Last Modified Date: 31 May 2023


How can we ensure that the URL parameters are preserved when opening a view in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, similar to how we can specify them in an embedded view on a Web Site?


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud


Create a Dashboard and embed the target view into Web Page Object in the steps below.
  1. Create a Dashboard and select the Web Page in Objects section.
  2. Specify the URL of the target view and add any desired URL parameters at the end. For example, if you want to always open links from URL actions and web URLs in separate browser tabs or windows, you can use a URL similar to this: 'https://<servername>/#/views/<target_workbook>/<target_view>?:embed=yes&:linktarget=_blank'.
  3. Publish the Dashboard to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.
Now, whenever you open the published dashboard, the URL parameters will always be set in the target view.
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