How To Plot All Weeks On An Axis Even When Data Is Available For First Few Weeks

Published: 13 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 14 May 2021


How to plot all weeks on an axis even when data is available for first few weeks. Example: Plotting Week 1 to Week 5 on an axis when only week 1 data is available


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a calculation called Week-min:

{ FIXED MONTH([Date]):MIN(DATEPART('week',[Date]))} 

2. Create another calculation called Weekly:

CASE DATEPART('week',[Date]) WHEN [Week-min] THEN "Week 1" WHEN [Week-min]+1 THEN "Week 2" WHEN [Week-min]+2 THEN "Week 3" WHEN [Week-min]+3 THEN "Week 4" WHEN [Week-min]+4 THEN "Week 5" WHEN [Week-min]+5 THEN "Week 6" END

3. In another data source like Excel create a sheet with Data as below
User-added image
4. Add this as a new data source
5. Create a blend relationship on Week field and Weekly calculation 
User-added image
6. Drag Week from the new data source so that this is primary data source and the value from the original data source 
User-added image
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