How to Not Allow the Hidden Fields Used in Calculation to Reappear After Creating Extract on Published Datasource

Published: 22 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 25 Mar 2022


Tableau Dashboard is connected to a published datasource in which there are a few hidden fields. However, if a user connects to the published datasource and tries to convert the connected extract in Tableau Desktop, it unhides the hidden column which contains highly sensitive and critical information and is not supposed to be exposed to the end-user.
Repro steps:

1: Tableau Desktop live connection to a database table.
2: Create a calculated Field [B] based on Field [A].
3: Hide Field [A].
3: Create an extract and publish datasource to Tableau Server.
4: Tableau Desktop connects to this published datasource.
5: Create an extract upon the published datasource.
6: The hidden Field [A] reappears.

Desired outcome: The hidden field [A] should not to expose to the end-user.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows 10
  • Tableau Data Engine


Expected behavior. Hiding fields is a known good method to exclude fields from the extract. Our product assumes users want this dependency to come with the extract so it unhides it. Tableau cannot completely remove access to a field, if it is embedded in another calculated field.

Workaround: Base the calculated field on the underlying database level to allow users to directly use it.
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