Moving Date Headers to the Top of a Column

Published: 05 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


How to display date labels as headers at the top of columns.


Tableau Desktop


Option 1

Use a discrete date.

Option 2

The following instructions can be reviewed in the workbook attached below.
  1. Drag Order Date to the Columns shelf.
  2. Drag Sales to the Rows shelf.
  3. Right-click YEAR(Order Date) and select the second Month option.
  4. Right-click Order Date in the Dimension Pane and select Duplicate.
  5. Drag Order Date (copy) to the Columns shelf.
  6. Right-click YEAR(Order Date (copy) and select the second Month option.
  7. Right-click the MONTH(Order Date) field on the Columns shelf and select Dual Axis.
  8. Right-click the bottom axis and select Edit Axis.
    1. Delete the text in the Title field on the General tab.
    2. Click on the Tick Marks tab.
    3. Select None under Major tick marks and Minor tick marks.
    4. Click OK.
  9. Right-click on the lower axis again and select Format
    1. Click the Borders icon to display more formatting options. 
    2. In the Column Divider Option, click Header > None

Additional Information

To view Option 2 in action, see the video below: 

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