How to make an Excel list of Tableau Desktop Aliases

Published: 12 Sep 2023
Last Modified Date: 12 Sep 2023


When you replace the data source in Tableau Desktop, the aliases of the original data source are not inherited. 
How can I make an Excel list of Tableau Desktop Aliases for references?


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Start 2 instances of Tableau Desktop and open one data source in each of them, one using the original name, and the one is the data sourcing using the aliases.
2. Export the data to CSV on these 2 data sources. 
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3. Open these 2 CSV in Excel, and copy the columns with the aliases into one Excel file.
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4. Select these 2 columns and click advanced - Unique records only.
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5. You will get a list of Aliases changes chart. 
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