How to limit the number of rows displayed

Published: 22 Dec 2023
Last Modified Date: 25 Dec 2023


How to create the Page Navigation using "Next Button" like a Report. How to split a long table into multiple pages and switch between them.
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  • Tableau Desktop


1. Create a Parameter to control Page number as bellow.
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2. Create calculated fields as bellow.
[Rows per pages]
[Page filter]
[INDEX] > (([Page Selector]-1)*[Rows per pages]) AND [INDEX] <= ([Page Selector]*[Rows per pages])

3. Place the [Page filter] on Filters shelf and select True. Then Show Parameter and use it to control the number of rows displayed.

4. (Optional) On the dashboard, show the parameter and change the settings as bellow. Then shrink the size until it reaches a suitable size as the Next button.
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