How To Label Specific Points Above A Reference Line

Published: 28 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to display label specific points above a reference line.


  • Tableau Desktop


To show labels for specific points above the reference line for view like below where the reference line value is 50000:
User-added image

1. Create a calculated field called All points above reference line with the following formula:

     IF SUM([Sales])>50000 then SUM([Sales]) end

2.  Create a calculated field called index with the following formula:

     IF NOT ISNULL( [all points above reference line]) then

3. Create a calculated field called Rank with the following formula:

     RANK([index], 'asc')

4. To show the first point above reference line, create a calculated field called Final Label with the following calculation:
     If [rank]=1 then ([all points above reference line]) END

5. Drag Final Label to Label on Marks Card 
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