How to Keep Showing All the Headers When Viewing Recent Data with the Relative Date Filters

Published: 07 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2023


When viewing recent data with the relative date filters, the headers with no value are not displayed. Is it possible to keep showing all the headers?

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  • Tableau Desktop


When using relative date filters, the underlying data is filtered out and the headers with no value are not displayed.

Below is a workaround for filtering data and keeping all the headers shown with parameters.
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1. Create the parameters as follows;
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2. Right-click Last N and date-part parameters and select Show Parameter.
3. Create a calculated field and name it Sales with parameter. 
IF DATETRUNC([date_part],DATEADD([date_part],-[Last N]+1,TODAY())) <= [Order Date] AND [Order Date] <= DATEADD('day',-1,DATEADD([date_part],1,DATETRUNC([date_part],TODAY())))  
    THEN [Sales] 
4. Add Category and Sub-Category to Rows.
5. Add SUM(Sales with parameter) to Text.
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